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Sunday School Director: David Howell

Pastor: Bro.Sam And Janis Morgan

Our Vision

Faith is more than religion. It's about a relationship between a person and God. Together, we make faith worth living.

             Sunday Morning Service:                       Fellowship 9:30 A.M.- 9:45 A.M.                          Sunday School 9:45 A.M. - 11 A.M.                     Worship 11 A.M.- 12 P.M.                                    Choir Practice 4:45 P.M.- 5:45 P.M.                     Evening Worship 6 P.M.- 7 P.M.                           Wednesday Evening Worship 7:00 P.M.- 8:00 P.m.

Secretary: Sue Shackelford


Custodian: Melba Gunnin

Hackleburg First Baptist Church