Hackleburg First Baptist Church

Shine in the love of God's grace, every day.

At Hackleburg First Baptist Church, it's our mission to help you explore your relationship with God and improve those meaningful relationships in your family life. Join us each Sunday and experience the warmth of faith and the strength of our community.



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Welcome Brothers & Sisters

Sr. Pastor: Rev. Samuel Morgan                    Chairman Of Deacons: Ronnie Anglin                Vice Chairman: Keith Brumley                             Church Secretary: Sue Shackelford                    Assistant Church Secretary: Nina Frederick        Custodian: Melba  Gunnin                                   Music Minister: Rev. Ernest Lankford               Music Assistant: Phillip Kimbrough                   Childern's Music: Wanda Deline                         Church Pianist: Janis Morgan                        Assistant Pianist: Cortney McKinney                   Church Organist: Marsha Lankford                     Sunday School Director: David Howell                Assistant Director: Max Ray                           Sunday School Secretary: Nina Frederick          Assistant Secretary: Gloria Morrow                     Birth- 3 Years Nursery: Marie Bishop; Gail Gunnin; Lanice Vickery; Dianne Pugh; Wanda Bishop; Shelia Sappington; Diane Pounders; Bret & Cortney McKinney                                   4&5 Years Old: Angie Anglin; Leigh Ann Hicks    Grades 1&2: Sandy Bishop; Devon Marbutt        Grades 3&4: Wanda Deline; Brooke Marbutt      Grades 5&6: Lynn Trulove; Lauren Colburn        Grades 7-12: Lesley Pounders; Brandon Steward; Justin Trulove; Greg Gunnin                 Young Adults: Brandon & Amber Steward; Jeremy Marbutt                                                   Adult Ladies: Gina Brumley; Sharon Dickinson   Adult Men: Jerry Howell; Wayne Bishop               Mixed Class 1: Melba Gunnin; Gloria Morrow      Mixed Class 2: Kevin Barnwell; Betty Quinn        Senior Adults: Clark Fincher; James Garrard      11:00 A.M. Childern's Church 3-5 Years Old: Shelia Kimbrough - Chairman; Sandy Bishop; Jodi Trulove; Lynn Trulove                                               Wednesday Night Bible Study              Team Kids K-6 Grade: Director: Wanda Deline Music & Missions: Wanda Deline              Recreation: Jason Taylor                                    Refreshments: Nina Frederick; Marsha Lankford; Devon Marbutt                                    Van Ministry: David Howell; Brandon Steward   Team Kid Teacher 2 Years-K: Lesley Pounders  Team Kid Teacher Grades 1-2: Jodi Trulove      Team Kid Teacher Grades 3-4: Brooke Marbutt  Team Kid Teacher Grades 5-6: David Howell      Youth Coaches Grades 7-12: Justin Trulove; Greg Gunnin                                                       Assistants: Brandon Steward; Jeremy Marbutt; Rocklin Brumley